Wednesday, September 7, 2016


For the last couple of days I have been getting together with a friend to jam and produce some tracks for a new project we are putting together. I have had the opportunity to jam some popular tracks with other musicians, but it is a completely different thing to get together to create something from scratch.

Music collaboration is an interesting thing when you have people with similar influences, different perspectives, backgrounds but share the same vision. It becomes a thriving thing that takes each one out of their comfort zone, What do I mean by that?

In my personal experience, I have been making music mainly on my own wearing headphones talking literally to my self. Though entertain a lot while doing it, it becomes quite lonely every now and then or frustrating cause you are stuck in the loop, using the same sounds, rhythms, mixing techniques etc... forcing yourself to try new things it is always a good idea, but the source of inspiration still the same... is YOU!.

I find a great learning experience when creating with other musicians. Sometimes they have skills you might not have, knowledge, understanding, likings or a sense of rhythm, melody and dynamics that it is different than yours. Have you ever heard someone play and say... man why does my tracks can't sound like that? Of course it all comes down to composition, voicing techniques, harmony, mixing, and musical concepts that can helps us achieve the desired sound. Now days with computers we can replicate a wide variety of music, still a virtual instrument is never going to replace an organic one (in my personal opinion).

What I am trying to say here is that: interaction of two or more creative minds thriving together, can bring interesting and unique results. They are not going to be good all the time but the experience and what you get out of that time is priceless. This interactions is what steals my attention, how two or more points of views can create something that lots of people can understand and relate to.

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