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Some of us know him as the high pitch voice and distorted guitar from "Blink 182", the creator of "Box Car Racer", Singer and creator of "Angels and Airwaves", the owner of "To The Stars" or for his creative projects such as "Dreamwalker" or "The Lonely Astronaut in Christmas Eve". Others know him as the crazy guy from Blink who started to do weird stuff and let down his own band.
This are the two sides of the coin I have heard from Tom Delonge, everyone has the right to have their opinion; I understand that. What I think is important here, is to know the reason behind actions.

I've always resonated with Tom's projects, since blink to his more recent ones. I even like that I'm still discovering new stuff he has done that I haven't heard or seen before. I think the mood, vibes and visuals from his projects are very deep, honest with deep symbolisms and meaning.

Some Tom Delonge projects:

I have had this POV until I saw "TOM DELONGE: THE PURSUIT OF TONE". If you haven't... go watch it. Where he talks about how Blink and its sound started to develop, how they found each other, the transition from Blink to Box Car Racer, Angels and Airwaves and what art and music means to him. This last part is the one I want to focus on, his POV comes from challenging himself towards new things that are completely unknown for him (get out of your comfort zone). I think this approach towards any work/life/experience is important in order to: keep our lives interesting, be motivated everyday, keep our curiosity alive, experience success when we accomplish something we challenge ourselves for.

On the other hand when he talks about his life, I found interesting habits that made me relate to him in a deeper way. His fascination for the universe, space, conspiracy theories, that he listen to scholars talks, interest in different religions, his addiction for physics and how things work. While watching this documentary it was like if I heard my self talk about things that I like, how I see life and what matters to me. I bet it must be deeply interesting to have a talk with Tom on other topics that are not necessarily music related. 

I believe that not knowing his life and each of his projects, is what takes out there a wrong image about Tom. (He even say something like this in the Documentary) When we enter the backstage about his work, is when it becomes more interesting than you think. 

I wanted to write about this Documentary because, it gave me the motivation and POV to start making my own sounds and pursuit my own tone (I still haven't found it... but I am working on it haha) On the other side, whenever I have a lack of motivation, feel down, lonely or any negative mindset. I watch this documentary or at least listen to it. This totally reminds me why I am doing what I am doing, it gives me motivation to challenge myself (not only in music, in everyday life) and it fills me with energy to go to my studio and get to work or explore new sounds if I have the chance.

I am not saying that this documentary or Tom's story should inspire everyone. What I am trying to say is go found that source of energy that change your mindset, makes you want to be better than yesterday and put a smile on your face. It can be going for a run, listening to scholars, look the sky, walk your dog, talk to a friend, watch a movie etc... everyone has their own "medicine" to cure down mindsets. For me in personal is making or listening to music, hearing my influences talk about their lives, their own music, their creative process, their believes and what music means to them. I take all this as a reminder of why I chose this path and keep it alive everyday.

Here is a link to Ernie Ball's website where you will find the trailer, info and videos of Tom Delonge: Pursuit of Tone". Thanks for reading and hope you like it!

Ernie Ball Website:


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