Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I did it! or at least I think I did... if not I am sure I am one step closer to cracking the code towards sample making.

I decided to leave my Kontakt Sample libraries aside and start creating my own sounds from scratch. Kontakt libraries are awesome don't get me wrong, I just wanted to challenge myself and dig deeper into the art of writing music. My curiosity started to grow after I heard that "Music Making is an extension of one true self". I am not a big esoteric guy but I do believe that what we express in any art, is what we can not express in words.

I was amazed by the possibilities of sound, I mean... record a water bottle hit and turn it into a kick, a window being closed becomes your snare, pans and kitchen utensils become your cymbals and hi hats... and even better you can access unique melodic sounds. Record a small whistle and turn it into a synth, record a Aaaaah! like at the dentist and make a choir synth. I have done this in a very superficial level where I just tweaked a sample or use just one or two original sounds.

Besides being entertaining, you have to be creative to decide which sound sources you will use. Each one of them leads you to unique and different possibilities. I wont lie, tweaking each of the wave properties and processing the signal to achieve a sound you like... can be tedious and sometimes slow, but if you are patient enough... the satisfaction of achieving a unique sound texture is worth.

So if you had never tried it, get a mic, some toys and gadgets and start creating your own libraries. You will be amazed by the results you can achieve.

Here is a short video of what sound sources I used and the final sounds I created.


M. Pelayo

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